What is Amazon Portfolio?

What is Amazon Portfolio?

  • Amazon Portfolio is a new feature designated to help advertisers manage & track their spend in Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands.
  • According to Amazon, advertisers can now manage the total spend of multiple campaigns within a specific date range.
  • Campaign portfolios offer a new way to create custom groupings of your Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns.
  • With campaign portfolios, you can choose to mirror the structure of your business and organize campaigns by brand, category, season, or any way you choose.

Step 1:

Click on advertising and then select campaign manager, on the left side you will find the portfolios thereafter click on create a portfolio.


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Step 2:


  • Create a new portfolio and add multiple campaigns in one portfolio.
  • Set a portfolio budget and date range.

Bulk and in-line edits

Vendors can now select multiple campaigns to make bulk edits and save time on adjustments to budgets, start and end dates, status, and bids. This feature is now available to sellers using Sponsored Brands.


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Here are some advantages of Amazon Portfolio Features:

  • Control. A key advantage portfolios offer is control over spend across campaigns. Once your portfolio budget is exhausted, all campaigns in that portfolio will automatically pause until you choose to reactivate them by increasing your portfolio budget.
  • Save time and cost both. Remove the need of manual monitoring and begin working efficiently.
  • Unlock portfolio reporting. Get access to your automated campaign reports and a summary of all your spending and budgeting.
  • Simplified billing. The new billing statement leverages your portfolio structure so you can see how much you spent by brand or product during the billing cycle. These new statements are ready to share with your internal stakeholders or clients without any additional work on your part.

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What is Amazon Portfolio?

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