Walmart Seller Guide: How To Get Started With Online Selling

Before getting into how you should be selling on Walmart, let’s discuss why:

In terms of numbers, Walmart grew almost 27% more than Amazon in 2019. It is not only fast-growing but also provides optimum quality. Walmart has 110 million buyers and a product catalog of 45 million items divided between 33000 sellers. The number is continually increasing. Because Walmart does not replicate products of those that are already successful, you know you can expect qualitative behavior from them.

Fun Fact: 57% of Amazon shoppers shop from Walmart.

To begin selling on Walmart, you need to fill out an application, which then Walmart will approve. Once that is approved, you need to sign something called the “Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement”. Then you need to set-up your seller profile, and fill up the necessary details to get started. On your dashboard, you will see a seller profile, that needs items checked off it in order to get started. The first step in it is to complete your company profile. Also known as a partner profile, this is the page that the customers will see when visiting your profile.

Next, you need to set your bank account by doing a penny check. You need to deposit $0.01, to verify your credentials, and check “Penny Deposit” off your checklist.

The last and most important step is completing your item and order test. Here, you will have to upload your items or your product listings including images, product descriptions, and videos. You’ll have to be extremely careful while doing so, and have attention to detail in the process. Your title need not only be relevant in terms of keywords, but the images and videos also need to be catchy and attractive. Once that is done, launch your checklist, and your profile readiness with be 100% and ready to go.

Note to remember: Walmart favors established sellers, as well as sellers with a good reputation and goodwill in the market. What is more, is that a good listing not only increases your visibility but also increases the chances of you winning the buy-box. Walmart has also stated in its FAQs, that PPC will increase the chance of your SEO rankings.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Walmart Seller Guide: How To Get Started With Online Selling

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