Voice Of The Customer

Voice of the customer

The Voice of the Customer dashboard is a center point where you can utilize input about your ideas to distinguish and fix regular issues to improve client experience. From this dashboard, you can survey the Customer Experience (CX) Health of your offers, read client remarks, recognize product listing issues, and act to determine issues.

Customer Experience health

CX Health is a metric that encourages you to see how every one of your offers is performing concerning comparable offers, because of your ongoing requests and client criticism about your products. Your offers CX Health is categorized as excellent, good, fair, poor, or very poor in the following colors. We prescribe looking into all ideas with poor and very poor CX Health to comprehend and resolve issues.

  • Excellent:  Your offer is performing fundamentally superior to compare offers.
  • Good: Your offer is executing just as or superior to comparable offers.
  • Fair: Your offer is performing comparably to similar offers.
  • Poor: Your offer is performing worse than similar offers and might be at risk of closure because of negative customer experiences.
  • Very poor: Your offer is performing significantly worse than similar offers and may already have been closed because of a high rate of negative client experiences.

voice of customer

If you’ve deleted a listing on your Manage Inventory page, you’ll see Listing eliminated under CX Health. These listings will show the last CX Health and client input got before you erased them. The listings will appear in the Voice of the Customer dashboard for up to one year after deletion.

How your CX health is determined?

CX Health is determined by looking at your offer’s negative client experience (NCX) rate with those of comparative offers. The NCX rate is the number of orders for which the client reported a product or listing issue divided by total orders.
The NCX rate and CX Health are based on an offer’s historical performance based on your order volume, it may take several weeks for actions you choose to be reflected in those metrics.
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Voice Of The Customer

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