Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon is a marketplace which enables third party sellers to sell new products through online platform. FBA the acronym itself suggests us that the fulfillment is done by Amazon. Amazon has created a worldwide platform and its services are the best.
Amazon fulfillment helps you to sell the product, ship to the desired location. FBA helps to make more sale and helps to increase your business to the next level.

Benefits of Amazon FBA

  • Amazon yard puts your product in it and whenever any customer buys the product the FBA packs, ships and delivers the product.
  • FBA sellers almost always receive buy box which is the ideal situation for any product.
  • Amazon receives a much larger target audience.
  • Simplified return process.
  • Amazon Prime membership benefits.

Fulfillment by Merchant

Amazon has provided another feature that is FBM. In FBM, from the very basic packing, shipping to delivering the product all over is done by the seller. FBM is better for sellers who want to use seller fulfilled prime.

Benefits of Amazon FBM

  • Through FBM is easier to maintain both online and offline retail activity with one inventory.
  • Margins are greater.
  • No unexpected costs and even less lose due to change in Amazon policies.
  • Less administrative work, especially when managing non-sales tax states.
  • Freedom to run the business exactly as seller chooses and more control over your inventory.