Amazon Product Research

When you are looking to add a new products to your Amazon catalog. Choosing the right product is what makes a difference. Finding the right product with high demand and low competition is a crucial thing and hours of research for “what customers like to buy” while staying in the budget as well as to derive the optimum benefit. In the life of an aspiring Amazon seller as well as an existing seller, conducting Amazon product research and then deciding the product to be sold is an important step that can also be very stressful.
Scouring through bestseller lists, hot items, analyzing product criteria, listings, images, bullets, and competition is maddening and time-consuming. The main challenge is to find a maximum profitable product within a limited budget. So, why take risks and waste a lot of time for this crucial decision? You can make a smart decision by hiring experts and earning a profit for yourself.

Our Expertise will help you with:

  • Finding the relevant products from research tool
  • Product ideas
  • Choosing the right supplier
  • Launching product on Amazon
  • Manage in shipments

Amazon product research

What we deliver?

  • Competitor check: keep a check on your competitors by monitoring their catalogs, price, sales and overall progress.
  • Keep track of sales history: Analyzing historical data will help you in comparing the overall sales and growth.
  • Top notch tools: By using the Amazon market research strategy and use of popular and accurate Amazon product research tool to fetch the most authentic and precise data.
  • Post launching activity: After launching the product we will also help you in listing and optimize your listings to improve its visibility.
  • Pre and post shipments: Our group of specialist will help you in managing pre and post-shipment contracts, documents and quotations.

Why Hire Onebox Hub?:-

While conducting Amazon Product Research, picking the right product is the most crucial factor for success. especially for a new seller. It is because you don’t want to be stuck with products that are not selling! So, it is important that you spend quality time finding the right product for maximizing your profit. OneBox Hub provides you A to Z Amazon services including product research and sourcing. Here we may guide you and suggest you profitable and budget-oriented products that might bring you more earnings. So, OneBox Hub is your precious time savior and will get you positive outcomes. So what are you waiting for? Stop wondering and start earning with OneBox Hub.


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