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If you have existing account we analyze your Products and select the perfect template



Creation of attractive and visually appealing pictures with the assistance of top notch tools

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Make your listing more attractive, appealing and scalable

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Updating the Enhanced Brand Template to the listings for best results

Are you in need of a few extra sales boost? Or do you already have a smashing sales record and need to keep ruling the market?
Most savvy sellers would do everything possible to differentiate and safeguard their product from the pool of competitor products.

Amazon EBC services

Why EBC?

  • Optimize your Amazon listing by conveying a brand value.
  • Providing customer relevance and increasing customer engagement.
  • Protect your brand
  • Add a professional touch to your listing
  • Boost conversion rate
  • Edge out your competitors

Execute on Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Creation

Customized Creative Briefing

  • Undergo an underlying imaginative instructions procedure to better comprehend your business objectives and target audience.
  • Close coordination and consulting with your creative as it relates to EBC initiatives.
  • Dedicated team of content writers to deliver, comprehensive description that instantly click reader’s mind.
  • Engage in a deep understanding of your company’s style guidelines, competitive considerations, budget, and site traffic.
  • Through analysis of contender landscape to make an in trend layout.

Content Direction & Strategy

  • Assign a dedicated EBC project manager to handle your account’s creative.
  • Work with client to identify premium features that you want to highlight on your product page.
  • Enhance your brand story through custom page selection, layout and theme.

Image Optimization & Editing

  • Creation of gorgeous hero pictures, graphics, and way
    shots to boost the design of EBC.
  • Creation of attractive and visually appealing pictures with
    the assistance of top-notch tools and Photoshop techniques.
  • Creation of pure white background and activity pictures in accordance with Amazon pointers.
  • Showcase the distinctive product options by addition of text and header points within the pictures.

Design & Implementation

  • Template EBC design for your catalog and brand.
  • Execute & manage all aspects of EBC submission.
  • Providing constant editorial feedback and assistance.
  • Use of any of the five predefined or one customized template.

We will make Enhanced Brand Content which will:

  • Make your listing more attractive, appealing and scalable.
  • Accelerate brand equity and build brand affinity.
  • Address the most common customer questions to make a rapid, informed and more confident purchase.
  • Engage the prospective buyer and magnifies sales.

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