Keeping Your Business Up And Running On eBay With COVID-19

The world is still struggling to get back on its feet. Ever since the Corona Virus was hit in China in December 2019, the world has gone into a total shut-down. Amid all of this, it is not only the economy that is the most affected. Small businesses, especially in the eCommerce sector, have been hit the hardest. Where demand has significantly risen, delivering and storing goods and never been harder. In times like these, platforms like Amazon and eBay are trying their hardest to come up with solutions for small businesses. Let’s look at some advice that eBay wants to give to its sellers.

eBay launched a campaign called Up & Running in April, in which it pledged over $100 Million for small businesses. They have also decided to give a three-month free basic account to the sellers, giving them access to the marketplace. In their statement, they’ve said that:

We want to ensure that today’s businesses are still here tomorrow, which is why eBay is investing up to $100 million in small business. Here’s our commitment to all businesses who join the eBay seller community through this offer:

  • A free Basic eBay Store for three months
  • No selling fees through June 30 (up to 500 orders)
  • Powerful selling tools and insights
  • Access to eBay’s 180+ million buyers”

While they may not be able to help you sell items, they are trying their best to not let your account be affected online. eBay will refrain from downgrading your account due to lower seller performance until the end of June. They are also willing to refund your shop subscription amount if you have shut your account down for an extended period of time.

Have you taken the benefits of this yet? Tell us what you think about these rules.

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Keeping Your Business Up And Running On eBay With COVID-19

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