Google PPC Management

Our PPC management services help your business grow in two ways:

Generate high quality traffic and increase conversions by pay per click advertising. There are over a billion people searches every day for answers and solutions to their problems. Through these percentage of searches, you can pull new customers to your website immediately.
Paid search ads will drive traffic instantly as well as you will be on the front page of Google instantly. It is again more crucial to make sure you are paying for clicks that convert into conversions and your cost per conversion is not higher than the value of your customers.

Keyword Research

We will research the keywords and costs to determine which keywords have high potential. We will evaluate the bids according to the keywords.

keyword analysis

Competitor Campaign Analysis

To keep a record of how your competitors are running their Google AdWords campaign can be a tremendous benefit.


Campaign Creation & copy creation

We will create ad copy and set up your Adwords campaign as well as configure all settings.

Landing Page Design & Development

Our group of specialist will help you in executing highly converting landing pages.

Our PPC management services include:

  • Assign an Advertising specialist to your account: We will first examine your business and then create a strategy that works for you. We will assign a search engine advertising specialist to manage your ad campaigns.
  • Identify cost-effective keywords: We research thousands of keywords and measure search volume, competition, and costs associated to select the best keywords for your advertising campaign.
  • Analyze competition: We will closely analyze what your competitors are doing in search engines and by identifying their strengths we will be able to develop a smarter approach for your campaign
  • Ad creation: We create Ad and for every ad we write the headline, copy and target the specific keywords.
  • Monitor your Ads and optimize: We keep an eye on every campaign if results being a decline, we will detect it immediately and pause low performing ads.