eBay Promoted Listings: What, Why, And How Should You Do It?

The eBay marketplace is a vast ocean as there are 25 million sellers with over 1.1 billion live listings. Nowadays, there are a number of ways to advertise your products and it can be difficult to navigate which option is the best one. So if you are looking for tips to boost sales on eBay, then promoted listings are a good and smart step. 

Promoted Listings gives more comprehensive exposure to the items you’re selling on eBay and gets your listing in front of more buyers to accomplish your sales target. The process to promote listing on eBay is simple. All you have to follow are these three easy steps to start your campaign:

  • First step: Select the product that you wish to promote on eBay.

  • Second Step: Set ad budget according to trending rates.

Promoted Listing Step 2

  • Third Step: Name your campaign and launch it.

What are the benefits of having a promoted listing?

Develop Impressions: If you want to increase the visibility of your products and drive shoppers to your listings then it is the greatest way to do so. The ads can appear on the top of the page search and increase the views on the product detail page. 

Pay Only for Sale: One of the most beneficial points of these ads is the seller does not need to pay for the views or click that is generated from the ads. You only pay when a buyer clicks on your ad and goes on to buy the item within 30 days of the click. 

Easy to Run: Promoted listing helps to get more and more sales without any trouble in ad settings. You have full control over your campaign with the performance metrics, like impressions, clicks, and ad fees and sales.

Campaigns Report: With the help of the dashboard and sales report, you will be able to see what you spent, and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. You can review and download your sales reports to see detailed daily sales.

Summing-up: We have achieved the best overall results on eBay with the help of perfectly optimized product pages and promoted listings. There are no optimization tactics or sponsored ads works well on its own. If you are serious about growing your revenue through the marketplace, then you are in the right place.

eBay Promoted Listings: What, Why, And How Should You Do It?

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