Changes To Look Out For On The eCommerce Platforms In 2020

eCommerce platforms are ever-growing and evolving, and go hand in hand with the changes around the globe. The ever-changing lifestyles have caused a strain on the ecommerce platforms to keep up. Here are some of the changes that we can expect in the marketplace this coming year, and the factors that affect it:

Automation and AI: Artificial Intelligence is growing. SIRI and Alexa are now more a part of our lives than ever. And it will only grow. We not only rely on them for making sales but to filter products for us. They usually provide us with the cheapest or popular product, depending on what we ask them. More often than not, there is no filtering through a hundred products. With this, you can expect increased competition and optimized search pages.

Prime Delivery: Patience is a virtue that not many of us possess. Amazon prime is already skyrocketing because they offer one-day delivery. Soon, the ecommerce platform may follow a lead. This could either mean high shipping costs, or no shipping costs at all.

Drone Delivery: An extension from the above point. UberEats is planning to deliver food via drones and Amazon is already in its beta testing phase of drone delivery. They plan to fully implement it by 2020. If successful, it will take prime delivery to a whole new level–30 minutes delivery time, depending upon your state and city.

Videography: A study predicts that in the future, over 70% of customers will prefer to watch videos of the product rather than read its description. So put on your creative hats, sellers, because it is time to play with some colors.

In conclusion, technological advancements plus rising demands are taking eCommerce to an entirely different level. Add that to the changing country scapes and economic levels, prices are bound to fluctuate. For example, the UK exiting Brexit will increase the import-export prices of goods coming from there. Many such factors all come together and change the eCommerce. Are you ready to face them all? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

Changes To Look Out For On The eCommerce Platforms In 2020

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