Amazon Optimization Services

OneBox Hub has been incorporated for helping e-commerce sellers to boost their sales and make the profit. We provide product optimization that includes the optimized Title, optimized Bullet Points and Description. All these are optimized with the help of keyword research by our back-end team.

You can enhance the ranking through Amazon SEO or search engine optimization as well as increase traffic and sales simply by carefully optimizing your product listing

Why Amazon listing optimization?

  • If you don’t, your product is less likely to rank well and you will lose sales to the competitor.
  • Product optimization helps you in increase visits, boost conversions and grow profits.

Our Array of Services Include:

  • Extensive competitor analysis such as examine of your rivals and comparable items.
  • SEO friendly keywords with the help of popular tools.
  • A groundbreaking, reader-friendly and keyword infused, compact and sharp yet striking title.
  • Five bullet points comprising of all the vital and fundamental item data and key focuses.
  • Complete and appealing item description containing the data of your item, image story, highlights, benefits and things incorporated into the container.

What We Provide:

Product Title: Amazon product title optimization is the best chance to be featured in search result, so it maximizes your visibility.
Bullet Points: Engaging visual cues and portrayal that productively brings up your item’s selective key highlights while additionally managing your potential clients precisely why they should purchase your item.
Product description: You can place more keywords here where you can find brief description of the product with infused keywords.
Backend Search Terms: : We give an itemized rundown of backend look terms or Meta label watchwords consisting of all the long tail and generic keywords to enhance your product’s discoverability and ranking.

Example of Amazon Product Optimization

Products Per Product
0 – 100 $49.99

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101 – 300 $45.99

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301 – 500 $39.99

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