Amazon Product Listing

To incline your product visibility with proper Title, Bullet Points & Description, the right keyword search is needed. At OneBox Hub, we work on the product listing where the correct keywords are fetched and this helps the product to come on the first page of searches.

Flat file or Manual Product Listing is done from our end.

Why Amazon listing Optimization?

Product listing is an essential part of setting up your business on an online marketplace like Amazon. It is the process of creating your product catalog by detailing out the product description and other mandatory features to present it online for purchase by customers.

Our Amazon product listing services comprise:

Amazon product management: We assign each product to the correct classification along with other attributes.
Amazon Catalog Management & Product listing:: As part of our Amazon listing services, we help you in upload your products by methodically categorizing them and keying in all the product related information such as SKU, product ID, description and other attributes.
Amazon Bulk Product Upload: We are capable at Amazon’s Volume Listing Tools for bulk inventory management. We can easily set up your inventory file utilizing the correct Amazon template based on your product type and product upload services.
Amazon Product Feed Creation: We set up the suitable parent/child or variant relationships for each of your items based on the analysis of your products. We characterize the main item as the parent SKU, using the Variation Theme element, and accordingly define in what manner the child SKUs vary upon the particular size, color, style, count, etc.
Amazon Inventory Management Services: Your inventory will be fully synchronized at all times. When you make a sale, your inventory is adjusted, and your products are restocked when they need to be.
Product Image Editing Services: Product images directly boost your overall sales. Every image including a parent, child and alternate images are suitably cropped to offer a better viewing experience to the customer.

Example of Amazon listing

Products Per Products
0 – 100 $4.99

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101 – 300 $3.99

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301 – 500 $2.99

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NOTE! If you have 500+ products than please contact us for bulk orders!

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