Amazon Keyword Research

Accurate product listing needs relevant product keyword research. Raw keywords are derived from different keyword research tools that are further bifurcated for the title, bullet points and description according to Amazon search algorithms to increase your sales.

Why Amazon product keyword research?

The process of buying doesn’t start form when a consumer visits your page. It starts from the search bar. Understanding the consumer demands and focusing it on finding the most significant keywords is the most ideal approach to make your item achieve a wide range of client base. Without proper research, it is quite possible that you miss out on a wide range of clientele base.

What we deliver?

  • Top priorities of the amazon keyword ranking are extracted from the popular seo tools.
  • In depth keyword research along with volume and search result of each keyword.
  • Arranging the keywords as indicated by significance and volume.
  • A rundown of best niche keywords for title and second priority for bulletpoints and description
  • List of backend terms and search terms as meta tag keywords.

Why Us?

  • Our team of specialist will first understand the search behavior of your customer.
  • Get the Amazon keyword tips from us because simply stuffing the substance with high keywords is not sufficient, we will pick the keywords which are relevant to your product.
  • Using the reverse Asin we will unveil the keywords which your competitors are using for high ranking.

Example of Amazon Keyword Research

Products Per Product
0 – 100 $19.99

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101 – 300 $17.99

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301 – 500 $14.99

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