eBay Content Creation

eBay is one of the largest consumer selling brand online. It attracts a million sellers on average–encouraging both consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales. The online selling platform urges you to go beyond your geographical boundaries, and we’re here to help you with that.

Content Optimization not only helps you rank higher in search results, but if done properly, it also helps turn potential buyers into definate customers. Placing the right word in the right place is something that really matters.

Besides, selling on eBay comes with its own set of rules and regulations, and programs that report violations of the same. Onebox Hub helps you with eBay content optimization that helps you get around these programs as well as increase your visibility online.

What we deliver:

  • A devoted group of eBay content optimization experts devise a plan to raise the visiblity of your product. It all starts with keyword research, which we use to form a rich and poignant title for your product. Later, using the same keyword research, we create a product description, that not only attracts the customer but also brings your product closure to the top search results.
  • Experienced staff who has dealt with listing optimizations and knows how to get around eBay guidelines.
  • Keyword selection and their positioning in the listing for a better search result.
  • SEO system analysis for a visiblity boost.

Why us?

  • We defend your security 100% and believe in discretion.
  • Build your business volume rapidly, with less experimentation
  • We’ve helped many clients completely turn around their online business.
  • With 100% money back guarantee

Example of Ebay Product Optimization

Products Per Product
0 – 100 $49.99

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101 – 300 $45.99

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301 – 500 $39.99

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