Beginners Guide For Amazon SEO To Increased Sales

Amazon has million dynamic clients around the world

This implies you have high chances to profit on Amazon. However, to grow sales in this marketplace is not easy. When the buyer arrives at on the website, he/she has only one goal to buy something. But from where to buy? If the answer is “you,” it is essential to optimize your product listings to appear on the front page of Amazon. Here you will see how to crack it’s A9 algorithm.

How does Amazon search work?

Like Google, Amazon assesses the search lists through its algorithm, which again includes plenty of components.
If your products don’t appear on the top when potential customers search for the products, then there are few chances that they will buy from you.
How does Amazon search work

How A9 works?

A9 follows a simple keyword method, so you should make sure that your listings have many relevant keywords as possible to increase the visibility in search results.

Let’s discuss how to optimize for relevance:

Title of your product

  • Infuse keywords on your product title
  • Create benefit rich titles
  • Capitalize the first letter of your every word in your titles
titles of your products

Bullet points & Description

  • You can write five or four bullet points to describe the features of your product
  • Place the most crucial element of your product in the first bullet point, as visitors often skim the product through the content.
  • Try to infuse more keywords in bullet points to improve the search results
Bullet points & Description

Product image

  • Products with high-quality images can allure the customers easily
  • Amazon allows you to upload one or more product images
  • The primary image you upload is called the main image
amazon product image

Amazon Reviews

  • This is equally important to rank higher on Amazon
  • Offer amazing customer experience
  • Send follow up emails after the purchase of a product
amazon product reviews
Beginners Guide For Amazon SEO To Increased Sales

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