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An Easy Guide To Understanding Social Media Marketing

Did you know that nomophobia is a word given to the name of fear of not being near to your mobile phones? This is how much social media has managed to affect our current generation. In fact, before we get into what social media marketing is, let’s begin with some stats to give you an idea as to just how widespread it really is.

Facebook 2.41 Billion Users 5 Million Advertisers Potential Reach of 1.9 Billion
Instagram 1 Billion Users 2 Million Advertisers 100 Million uploads every day
LinkedIn 300 Million Users 30 Million Companies 100 Million Job Applications each month
Pinterest 200 Million Users 75 Billion “Ideas” Potential Reach of 144.5 Million


Here, you can clearly see there are (b)millions of people who not only use the internet for surfing but also to converse with businesses online. It gives customers easy access to feedback and allows you to build a stronger brand image through social media marketing. A simple cycle of


is followed, where the customer first comes across your brand, holds interaction with you, before finally converting into a customer. A good thing about social media is that it encourages word of mouth publicity, which helps in building customer trust and loyalty.

Spreading Brand Awareness is one of the main reasons why people use social media. Did you know, that 51% of Facebook and 64% of Twitter users prefer to use a brand or product which they are already familiar with on their feed (or timeline)? Social media widens your reach, and in turn, gives your brand a visibility boost. And that means higher conversion rates. This is because many social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to create ad campaigns that let you target demographic and relevant audience.

Social media also helps with ORM or Online Reputation Management. While it is an entirely different topic, a good social media marketing strategy leads to an increased conversation and customer satisfaction. This not only leads to increased traffic and better goodwill for the brand but also sometimes results in higher and improved SEO rankings.

If you haven’t devised a social media marketing strategy for your business, it is time to do so now. At Onebox Hub, we deal with different social media channels on a regular basis. This means that we understand how tricky deciding on a marketing objective can be. We monitor digital conversations, respond to customer comments and queries, and generate ideas for advertising campaigns based on it. Choose a goal, be it brand awareness, increasing conversions, or lead generation, and let us fulfill it for you. Contact us today!

An Easy Guide To Understanding Social Media Marketing

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