Amazon SEO And Getting Around The A9 Algorithm

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important parts of online marketing. It connects people searching for your brand, products, and services through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to you. The higher the SEO rank, the higher the visibility of your product/page. What most people don’t realize is that SEO is as important within the eCommerce platforms like Amazon as it is outside of it. Just like Google, Amazon uses an algorithm called A9 to rank its search results page. The right Amazon strategies, which are in sync with A9, will not only lead to increased visibility, but also greater sales. This is because if you don’t rank higher, your products may never be seen by the buyer.

It is important to remember that most search queries on Amazon will result in sales. A very less number of people are there for product research, unlike other search engines. Keeping that in mind, here are a few factors that influence the A9 algorithm:

  • Sales Performance History: You need to be careful of your shipping methods, returns, and customer service. This point is basically an accumulation of all the others to come below, as a good sales history will lead to better goodwill.
  • Keyword Relevancy: This means that your content needs to be optimized according to the keyword as well as product research. Inputting correct information, title, product description and bullet points, all of which are infused with relevant keywords as one of the most important parts of Amazon SEO.
  • Price: Is your price higher than your competitors? Do you have the buy-box? There are many such questions that affect the seller’s decision as well as Amazon’s algorithm.
  • Reviews: Similar to prices, reviews too affect the sales history performance as well as Amazon algorithm. If you have less ‘star’ ratings, Amazon will not consider your product valuable/worthy.
  • Premium Content: This includes EBC and A+ content. The better and clearer you explain your product, the more chances you have of converting potential buyers into definite buyers.

Where does Onebox Hub come in?

We have been dealing with Amazon SEO services for over five years now. This means we have a pretty good idea of what Amazon A9 looks like, and may or may not have a trick or two up our sleeve on how to get around it. Contact us now to get more information!

Amazon SEO And Getting Around The A9 Algorithm

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