Amazon PPC-The Subtle Art Of Understanding Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon PPC or Amazon Pay Per Click, as the name suggests, is an advertising method where an advertiser pays only for the advertisement that a potential buyer “clicks.” Amazon PPC needs to be studied thoroughly, before a campaign is created, executed properly, and managed regularly before they are run.

This is because PPC requires you to set a “bid”, or budget for your ad, and you can quickly fall into the hole of losses if you’re not being too careful. Remember, that there are very people on Amazon who are there for Window shopping. Proper marketing tactics can lead to increased sales and profits.

Amazon PPC Types

Sponsored Products: This is a keyword-based advertisement that is the default and the most common form of ads. Amazon allows you to set two types of campaigns-
Automatic campaigns has Amazon run your ads for you, and your ad will be automatically matched to all the search terms Amazon considers related to your product.
Manual campaigns include:

  1.  Keyword targeting
  2. Product targeting 
  3. Negative targeting.

Headline Search Ads: Headline search ads are yet another keyword-driven banner ads that allow registered brands on Amazon to post ads on top of the pages. These ads are only available to the sellers who have registered themselves for the Amazon brand registry and offer the largest range of customization to its users.

Product Display Ads: Only vendors are allowed for this particular ad group. They are shopper interest and product-specific and have set products on them. They are largely used to increase your brand identity and visibility, and most often placed right under the Add to Cart button.

One thing you need to be mindful of is that having a buy-box is a must in order to run any sort of PPC Ads. You should also keep in mind the product that you have, your target audience and the objective before you begin. Amazon PPC also gets you better organic search results, so in case you’re wondering if you should go for it or not, we say just dive in.

If you’re confused or cannot figure out what is right for you, don’t fret. Onebox Hub is here to take care of all your needs. Contact us today and take the necessary next step in your business today.

Amazon PPC-The Subtle Art Of Understanding Amazon Sponsored Ads

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