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Amazon EBC: What Is Enhanced Brand Content And How Does It Help?

Amazon EBC or Enhanced Brand Content allows you to add more content about your products in an attractive manner. Photos or videos are often used to lure customers in as well as help them become more familiar with your product and brand.

Amazon EBC gives a professional touch to your listing. While the keywords placed in EBC are not taken into consideration for SEO Ranking, EBC itself helps with the optimization of your listing. It gives you the creative liberty to showcase your products and its features effectively. Further advantages of EBC include:

  • Edges out competition
  • Professional touch to your brand
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Increased ROI
  • It is free!

Amazon offers you five templates and requires a minimum of a week’s time for approval. EBC is very important because it sends brand value and reassurance to customers, and it allows you to break free of the stereotypes associated with a traditional listing. There are certain steps that you must take into consideration when making an EBC:

  • Image optimization: Creation of photos, as well as editing them to create visually appealing and aesthetic feel.
  • Content direction: Highlighting the premium features of your product in a way that the customer feels obliged to read through it.
  • Design and implementation: The amalgamation of the above two points, wherein you select the template and the placement of your text and images.

At Onebox Hub, we have created over 500 EBCs, and have adequate knowledge as to how the editing works. Increased competition also leads to an increased number of EBCs. Let us help you create something that will stand out. Contact us today!

Amazon EBC: What Is Enhanced Brand Content And How Does It Help?

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