Amazon Choice/Bestseller: How To Become An Amazon Badges Expert

Amazon Choice and Amazon Bestseller are two Amazon Badges that are given to the products on the eCommerce platform to particular products and sellers. So, how do these listings work, and how do you get your hands on one of these?

The answer, honestly, is quite simple. Algorithm. Is it any surprise that yet another Amazon feature is calculated using techniques? Like your SEO product ranking page, Amazon Choice too uses an algorithm to divide the badges.

If you hover your mouse over Amazon Choice, it will say, “Recommends highly rated products available to ship immediately.” So, obviously, reviews and ratings are an important part of getting this badge. But what is more important are the keywords. Yes, keywords again. We’ve already established on our previous blogs as to how keywords are like the backbone of any listing. Well, now they are important in order to receive Amazon badges too. Amazon choice badge is given to those products that customers end-up buying after searching for a particular keyword. This means that if your product consistently comes up during a search result, and is then bought by the seller, then it will be given the badge of Amazon Choice.

Amazon Bestseller, in contrast, is given only to a hundred products and is updated on an hourly basis. These are obviously the products that are selling the most. This badge is important because it not only urges you to sell more but also to urges the customers to buy more. Clicking on the bestseller badge opens up a list of the top 100 products of a particular category, from which most of the customers end up buying the product.

One of the main aspects of both of these badges is that it encourages organic rankings. You need to be an established seller and have optimum ratings and customer reviews that can prove you so. Things like competitor research and product optimization are very important. You can learn more about them on our website, or contact us today! Let Onebox Hub help you receive one of these badges.

Amazon Choice/Bestseller: How To Become An Amazon Badges Expert

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