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Amazon A10 Algorithm Update: What’s New And What’s Not?

Amazon rolled out the updated version of A9 earlier this year, and many are calling it A10. While there has been no official announcement, as most of the factors still remain the same, there have been some significant changes nevertheless that can make or break your SEO listing. Lets’ break it down.

The first thing to remember is the PPC campaigns. While PPC campaigns were one of the main factors that affected your SEO ranking, that has now changed. While it is still a factor, it isn’t a driving factor anymore. Its status has been lowered, and instead, the focus has been shifted to driving off-site traffic to your Amazon listing. For example, if you have a blog or a website that links your listing to it, then the traffic from these sources will increase the chances of your SEO ranking more than PPC.

Remember, you need to have a compelling and attractive title-photo because that is what will induce your click-through rates. CTR is the second factor that will determine your SEO rank. This means that the number of times your product has been clicked after it has been viewed matters.

With this update, it seems that organic sales are being promoted, along with genuineness. An improved ranking system has been set in motion, along with a better classification of keywords. Some other changes are:

  • Suppression of generic keywords and search terms
  • Autocompletion of keywords
  • Matching keywords with AISN

With these changes, it is clear that your listing needs more attention to detail. Keywords need to be specifically chosen, and after careful research. Ensure that your profile has a pristine seller record, by making sure you provide quality products in a timely manner. Good reviews not only attract more customers but are now also a key to a higher ranking.

However, you need to remember, that ‘Amazon A10’ specifically aims to eradicate sellers with fake reviews and sales. Since it has been a growing problem, especially lately, the apparent A10 follows a set algorithm to find such fake profiles and eliminate them.

What do you think of this update? And how do you think will it affect your listing? Let us know in the comments below!

Amazon A10 Algorithm Update: What’s New And What’s Not?

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